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Peace is not the absence of conflict,but the ability to cope with it.

7 September 1953
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Desire to make Jesus famous!
Lover of truth
Hospice nurse; NICU nurse 26 years
My agility dogs;
Grace, 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Kip, 11 year old Border Collie
Blessing, will be two 12-20-08
Wife 37 years, mother of 3 adult, and 3 grands( soon 4th is coming!)
Why a journal? To be true to myself. Spiritual growth.Therapeutic experience. To make friendship stronger. Reflection of my love for Jesus Christ in ever area of my life-always fall short of this but He still loves me because I am His daughter and one of His favorites.
accepting, active listening, advocating, african music, agree with truth, all people, alone time, alpha and omega, analyzing, asking questions, audio novels, being a wife, being alive, being interesting, being myself, being unique, being warm, biographies, biscuts, bluegrass music, border collies, breathing, butter, campfire, camping, charity, children of god, chocolate, classic movies, classical music, clean sheets, conquering challenges, cooking, crafts, creating, creative storytelling, crocheting, curry, dancing goats coffee, dancing with abandon, daughter of god, day dreaming, designing, developing faith, dog agility, dogs, early morning, emersing in life, ethnic decorations, evaporated milk, eyes, feeling healthy, fighting for cause, finding truth, first and last, flowers, forgiveness, fortitude, fried okra, friends of god, funniest dog, funny dogs, garden dirt, gardening, getting clean, gifted people, gifted teachers, giving, giving answers, giving opinion, god almighty, god's favor, good food, growth in learning, ham and eggs, hamburgers, hands, having choices, helping, hiking, hillsong, hope, hot spicy food, integrity, joy, king of kings, know reasons, kosher pickles, living life, lord of lords, loving family, loving friends, loving jesus christ, loving love, loving people, making jesus famous, mango/peach yogurt;milk dairy bar, mentoring, mind spirit, ministering to dying, mothering, my van, native drums, new concepts, nurturing, old people, out of norm, peace, pedicure, playing, puppy breath, quality of life, rare steak, reflective, scrap booking, seeing truth, sending hope, sharing, sharing truth, smart dogs, smiles, smiling, smores, sound tracks, southern accent, spiritual gifts, spiritual growth, staffordshire bull terrriers, standing, sticking to guns, strength, sugar & spices, sweets, talent, teaching, tender hearts, therapeutic experiences, time with people, tropical body spray, true to self, voices of hope, warm sunny days, watching people, weaving, whip cream, winning, worthy soapbox, young people