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Thai Chicken Soup Recipe

Hubby and I go to a what is called "small group" in Auburn, Washington on Tuesday nights. Our group is called McIntire's Life Team. We are utilizing video teachings on prayer, healing, supernatural and more. It has been a rewarding experience to grow faith and make new friendships. If any of you would like to come with me sometime, just let me know. Soup at 1830(6:30 pm) and Life Team begins at 1900(7:00pm).

Our small group host, Moonokie, makes soup for us each week. Last week we had the most amazing soup. Thought I would share the recipe that she shared with me.The green curry makes it medium hot so you might want to cut it down a bit if you have a tender mouth. I love the heat so it was just right for me!

1 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 onion, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 Tablespoons green curry paste
6 cups low-sodium chicken broth
1 15 ounce can coconut milk
1 Tablespoon fish sauce, plus more to taste
2 small skinless boneless chicken breasts, about
one pound, very thinly sliced crosswise
2 red bell peppers, thinly sliced
4 ounces thin rice noodles, broken into pieces
1 Tablespoon fresh lime juice, plus more to taste
1 cup roughly chopped fresh cilantro

Directions: Heat the vegetable oil in large pot over medium-high heat. Add the onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened and lightly browned, about 8 minutes. Add the garlic and curry paste and cook, stirring one to two minutes. Add the chicken broth, coconut milk and fish sauce; cover and bring to boil.

Add the bell peppers and noodles and simmer, uncovered, until the noodles are al dente, about 3 minutes. Add the chicken and simmer until just cooked through, about 3 more minutes. Stir in lime juice and cilantro. Add more fish sauce and lime juice, if desired.

Per serving: 561 calories; Fat 30 gm(Saturated 22 gm); Cholesterol 103 mg; Sodium 821; Carbohydrate 36 gm; Fiber 4 gm; Protein 38 gm;
Active time to prepare: 30 minutes/ serves 4

*** I bought minced garlic in a jar. You can find peppers in the frozen section. They have the three colors of peppers, but that can be used. If you have someone who is a bit touchy about hot things cut down the curry paste. I say bring on the heat!!! Hubby says it hurts his tender palate. So I just add more heat for myself:-) Enjoy friends!!!
My father had forbidden me to get a job until my senior year. My first job was at a dollar store. Some of the skills that I learned in that dollar store about dealing with people have never left me. Here's some of those things: I learned that you can do a lot with a little. A small paycheck earned with hard, honest work can really mean a lot. Spend the money edifying someone else and the feeling is better than delicious. Giving is so contagious. People gave of themselve to me and I learned to love to give, too.

Some people look kind and honest when they are around people that they want to impress. You better check them out and be careful. You may not be able to trust them in the dark. One of the supervisors kept grabbing my hand to show me stuff "in the back of the store." He said that he wanted me to put the merchandise out in a display. I was on to his scam. He felt icky to me. I told him that if he brought that stuff out in the open, I would look at it. After I asked some of the other girls if he was trying this with them, I got concerned. I shared my concerns with my boss. My boss was a good man. He let the guy go.That icky man was one of those that you can not trust in the dark.

I learned to save money out of every paycheck, even if it is a little. A little adds up. My wedding dress and veil were paid for with my dollar store money.In my second job I bought savings bonds with every check. That money paid for all of mine and my husbands books in college.

Saving money made it so I could make independent decisions about my little wedding. My parents did not offer to pay for anything. My mother got angry when I was planing things with my future mother-in-law so she would not help. That was all right with me. It was a small wedding and the less drama the better.

My Dad was ultra strict on my dating.I was called the 10:30 girl. I had to be in that door at 10:30! If he did not like the looks of a guy, he sent him packing. When it came to my school work, getting myself up in the mornings, what I wore and all of those things, I was on my own. My dresses were short and they never said a word. My parents never looked at my report cards or asked about my grades after I was out of elementary school. They just assumed I would do it and I did. I never made a C but they don't know that. They do not know how hight my SAT scores were. The scores were higher than most of the "smart" boys at school.My favorite teacher, Coach Morgan told me he was so proud. He was the only one who I talked with about it. I had mentored a lot of the boys who got in trouble and they did good. We all need someone to believe in us. Coach said it did not hurt when a "purdy gal" was doing the coaching. He was a love and that man helped a lot of kids.

It was assumed by all of the family that I would never go to college because I was a girl. I was one of the first in either sides of the family to graduate from high school.My Dad even offered to pay me not to work when I got married. Of course, I turned him down flat! It is all about what is inside of you. You don't always need someone to get you motivated. Motivate yourself!My sister that is 3 years younger than I am also made it on her own.

I made my own lunches from the time I was in second grade. My ability to be independent was a relief to my mother. She could sleep in. She tried making sandwiches of just jelly once and it was horrible. I liked making my own. Never have figured out why they were not involved as much as other parents. The whole scheme of their limited participation worked to benefit me in the long run.

Between my mother-in-law and me, the wedding was planned and ready to go in a few days.I never was one of those girls that dreamed of a big wedding. Mine was small, sweet and I liked it. My dress was not long either. It was short. I think I might like to have a renewal of vows one day but not something fancy. Just simple and enjoyable. We celebrate our 40th on May 28th while we are on a cruise. Nice!

I learned that people like to confuse young people by handing them a $100 bill, distracting them, or asking for multiple things while they are calculating their change. I stocked goods in the dollar store and was a cashier. Many evenings, I was the only employee in the store, except for the boss or supervisor. One trickster guy handed me a $100 bill. I laid the money on the register and began getting out his change. The register did not calculate the change back then so you calcuated yourself. He immediately began asking me to change this bill or that bill while I was making the change. When I looked at him he could not look me in the eyes. I immediately shut the register and said I could not give him anything until I talked to my boss. I called out to the boss up in the room overlooking the store. When he came down to help, the man ran.He left the things he was buying and all of his change. That man was up to some funny business! My boss was very happy that there wasn't any money stolen.I think the guy was contemplating robbing the store. He was so nervous and weird. The boss said it was the first time he had more revenue than was actually sold in a tray. We laughed all evening about it. Later, the boss left me alone in the store and went out and bought us Kentucky Fried Chicken. He said it was evident that I could take care of myself and the store, so he went out to get dinner for us. We celebrated the victory over the thief! He even gave me bonus money on top of that.

I never had anyone do try that again.A few of the girls that worked there did have it happen to them. It was devastating to their morale. They felt duped. I learned that some people see teens as a target to cheat. They don't worry that if they get by with their deceit, the young person could lose confidence or their job. Many teens working after school and on the weekends need the money to get by. People look at a kid and think they are working just for jolly money. It is not always the case. Why would anyone want to demean a young person that is putting their foot out there to contribute to society? Beats me.

I can not say I was a good steward of my first paycheck. My first paycheck was spent to buy all of my family something. That was never a regret. The best thing was the baseball suit that I bought for my little brother. That was the last big thing I bought him before he died later that next year in June. We had no idea he was going to die. If I had known, I would have spent every paycheck on him.

My life as a married woman started at age 17. We married in May and my brother Benji died in June. I had a miscarriage days before he died. I accepted both things as God's will. My brother told my mother a week before he got sick that he was going on a long trip to see Jesus. He was going to go camping and be a tiger in heaven.

Hubby and I went to pick up his funeral clothes after he died. We found them in a suitcase he had packed a week before he got sick.They were laid out on top of all of his other clothes. He did not miss a thing. His clothes,underwear, socks, tie and shoes. We all knew he had this suitcase packed. I thought it was because he had seen me pack and move out. He always copied us girls.He would put on our makeup by "breaking" into our rooms He was a card and beloved. He was the youngest and the only boy. Such a darling.

I see my hospice patients "prepare" before they go. God gives an internal message that it's almost time to go. I am certain of it. People may not verbalize it as plainly as my brother did, but some do. You can tell they are pulling away and do a lot of life review, if they have time.

These experiences gave me depth at a young age. I needed that depth as a 17 year old to go on, to go to night school after working all day and to pay for all of my college with no debt. When you work for your education, you work hard. I graduated from nursing school with Highest Honors. It was worth it all. My precious daughter April was born in my senior year. Hubby and I had been married 4 years. If my first baby would have been born our life might have been a lot different than it is now.God always knows what is best for us. I will see that baby one day. That will be wonderful!

I went job hunting after I lost my baby and my brother died. My second job was at an charity hospital. To find the job, Iwent to the state employment agency to apply for a job. My desire was to find a job that would impact and help. My perspective had been changed about life when I went to help people on the Mississippi coast after hurricane Camille destroyed and killed so many.

I never doubted there would be job for me. That is how a young unexperienced person feels about things. The world is wide open to them. It is a great time to feel what faith is like. I remember walking toward the desk to give them my tiny resume and personal information. A man in a suit called me to the front. He said I matched "the description." I did not know what "description" he was talking about. He told me that the Director of Nursing at Matty Hersee Hospital had called with the "description" of a girl that would come in that was short, with long brown hair, brown eyes and would be smiling from ear to me. That was me. He hardly looked at my paperwork before he sent me to meet her. She told me that she had a dream from God and that I was the one He sent her. Oh, I think He sent her to me. She was incredible!

She had agreed to come out of retirement to run that place. It was a two story hospital with an emergency room and surgical suite. The patients were in big wards. It was a busy crazy wonderful place. The patients were the poorest of the poor. Most could not read or write, had never been to school, had no water or electricity. This was the best job of my life. It paved my heart to love in a way I could not have loved without it.

Most of the doctors were from foreign lands. There was a Medical Director from the USA that I adored. He used to hide Whopper candy in his office for me to find. I would sit at his desk with my mouth full so when he walked in he knew that I had I found the stash. He even put a stool by him so I could watch him do surgery. My boss said I was the darling of the joint:-)

My boss was a jack-of-all-trades. Nothing intimidated her.The only time she got rattled is if a man mistreated a woman. If that happened, you had better move out of her way. I saw a doctor strap a woman down on the OB table and do an episiotomy without anesthesia. He seemed to enjoy her pain.He did not cut carefully with those scissors. He cut briskly and it was horrible. I remember seeing how thick the flesh was. He cut deep. I can still see that woman's face and hear her screams. That woman was strapped down or she would have killed that man. I was no mad that I yelled out to stop. I cried and ran out to find the Medical Director and my boss so I could report that man.I was determined to be the voice for the one who could not speak. The nurses on the floor were too afraid of him to report it. Boy did he get in trouble and we were all glad!

My boss was all over it. She told me to give him the strongest look straight into his eyes every time that I saw him. She said it reminded him that he was not the end-all-be-all and could not get away with treating women like. She said it was an exercise in learning to stand up to an arrogant man. He was a wealthy doc from Brazil. I guess he thought he was better than bacon.

He could not look her in the face.I finally got so good at it that he would turn his gaze from me, too. She told me to never ever let a man hurt me. She would laugh and say women needed to learn that abusers have go to sleep sometime. You can either leave or give them a good one with an iron skillet. Neither of us would seriously use the iron skillet. It was a stress reliever and fun to think about giving that guy a taste of his own medicine.

We always prayed at the beginning of the day. One day we knew we had the choice to forgive this man or we could grow a prolific seed of bitterness that might never leave.Once a root of bitterness get in you,it is hard to get out. We forgave, but it was difficult for me to do. We were both tired of holding onto the bitterness by then.

It is funny, but when you are angry, it is almost fun to be mad and vindictive. It is not right for the other person or for you. The Bible says if we think carnally or with the way our flesh responds, then we choose bad things like death. If we love instead, we chose life. It is true. God is the judge and He is a just judge. Maybe, I would not let the guy get off so easy.

The mentor/boss/friend/wonderful wonderful woman did all of the schedules, ran the pharmacy and delivered all of the supplies. She had me take over the schedules for the hospital, the supplies and I helped with the pharmacy. When I barely had my feet wet, she began taking me to the floors to help. She would take care of the most smelly, oozing sores and filthy bodies and never batted an eye. She taught me to love. We helped deliver and delivered babies, filled scripts, emptied bed pans, held babies and anything that needed to be done.I walked in on a woman having a baby and delivered my first baby by myself before I was 19.That is before starting nursing school. That was wonderful!

Before long, she would send me to OB to help by myself.I wanted to be a midwife because of the experiences on that ward. When I applied for my first nursing job years later I was only going to work in NICU for a little while. I stayed in that field 26 years.

My boss had been a medical missionary over seas. She had fallen in love, but for some reason never married that doctor. I think something tragic happened to him. She would have tears when we talked about having a family.The only family she had was her sister. It turned out that her sister was my 8th grade English teacher. Go figure? I was crazy about her, tool.

I used to remain in her office and answer her phone when she went home in the afternoon. I found a picture of a little girl and the doctor in it. She said it was a "special" child to her that she cared for in another land. I learned how that "special" child changes you. I had mine, too. Her name was Tina. I will talk about her at another time.She has her own story.

Good Day

Today has been a day of flow and ease. Blessing did well at the trial. We connected. I think I am beginning to understand how important it is to her to feel connected, instead of me doing my thing and expecting her do just do it. I realized how I was disrespecting her by doing that. It was so detached. I am trying to let her know that I like her paying attention to me by paying attention to her. It is a two way street. Wow, it is sad that it took me all of this time to understand that.

Over all, I think my mindset was more relaxed and focused. I am pretending to be whispering in my mind, not to get too OTT(over the top). When I get frenzied, she does too. One more Ex JWW leg and we will be in Ex JWW B. She just finished her Ex Std and has a whopping 22 points toward her MACH. It will be nice to be in B in both. She had a double Q today. Too bad were weren't already in EX B in both.

Just was a fun joyous time running with her today. I could not help but do an agility dance out of the ring exit with her on both runs. It was our own personal victory. Very very pleasing to work together.

I got a coupon for working at the trial. So glad. The concession stand had oyster sandwiches on the menu. I sat down, closed my eyes and ate. I bet I was making a lot of weird yum noises. It was so good. Oh, I enjoy food so much.I am ashamed to say that I have gained weight since the bummer Carnival Splendor cruise. A lot of it. Back on my healthy eating on Sunday. AM going to eat another oyster sandwich tomorrow for sure!!!

Bless & Joy are chilling with me in the hotel room in Elma. So glad we are not where there will be people shooting guns in the air at midnight. They do that out in the boonies. I am not a fan of fireworks, so will not miss that either.My miniature Schnauzer Jenny really suffered when there was fireworks. She would pass out. She was a like a fainting goat. Just flipped over. It was so sad. As she aged seizures accompanied the collapse. She got too deaf to hear it in her last years so that was good. She lived to be 17. I just hate those loud obnoxious pollutants booms, fizzles and pops. Can you tell I don't like fireworks???

Some people think that is kind of un-American. I don't care for the noise, the after burn litter left on the ground and the many animals that are terrified,who run away and get ran over by a car.

I got guilt-ed into bringing food to workers at a fireworks stand that were raising money for a church once.I told them I would not work at the stand. No way. Just taking the food down there felt so wrong. It made me sick. I will try to never do something that is so strongly against my personal convictions again.

Well, it will soon be 1-1-11. Interesting. Exciting. I am thankful to be a citizen of our country. I keep praying that it does not continue on the road it is on now.It is not the America that makes me feel proud. We have the resources, intellect and ability to be financially solvent. We all know that the USA is in pretty dire financial straits.We are spending too much and owe too much. NO business would feel like that made good business sense. You can not keep giving away so many things without expecting something in return. It robs dignity.There is no motivation for someone in need to change their destiny. I really believe the senses get dulled and comfortable with the situation, if the situation is normalized for too long.It is like a dog in a crate. It it stays in one too much it is afraid to come out.It feels the crate is the best place.

There are a lot of poverty-stricken people in the South. There is a lot of welfare. There is a lot of generational welfare. That should speak loudly. Welfare should be for a circumstance when you need short term help. Because of the way it is set up it can become generational, a lifestyle, an expected expenditure that recipients may begin to feel that others owe them. The system is jacked up.

I love our country. I keep praying that many things will turn around.The Bible says to be lendors and not borrowers. Maybe our legislators will adapt the policy that our grandparents and many of our parents adapted. Save for what you want, pay cash for it.If you can't afford it, don't get it until you can pay for it. That is what hubby & I and our kids are doing. It is a relief. No surprises. No financial stressors.No credit card bills. It is a good way to live.

Blessing to you for this New Year!


Servants or employees are not co-laborers. Friends are. The make up and mentality in each role is polar opposites. So,what is the difference between a servant/employee and a friend?

A servant/employee is task-oriented. Servants/employees want to know what they need to do to get a job done. Servants/employees may know the basics about you. Servants/employees are not personally acquainted or aware of your desires or personal needs. They don't labor with you. They labor for you. They are working for the buck. For what they get out of it. There is a saying that no one takes care of a child as well as a mother who loves her baby. Any daycare provider can try to match that devotion. They can't. The deep attachment is not there.Same thing with a servant/employee.

Friends have a relationship that goes beyond what you would experience with an employer-employee situation. A friend is open to listening to your ideas. A friend gives you ideas and lets you make up your mind whether you utilize them. A friend is willing to change their mind and willing to put their attention and affections on you. They engage and encourage your desires,celebrate your creativity, hope for your hopes and are excited about your dreams. A friend supports you and lifts you up. They remember you when you forget yourself. A friend enjoys your participation in their life. A friend treats others the way the friend wants to be treated.

If you are a friend you do not lose the humility of a servant. Your relationship perspective changes as a friend. The things that were the primary issues change. That is true for my relationship with God. He does not see me or treat me like a servant/employee. He calls me His friend. The Bible tells me that. I can feel this and interact in this relationship. It is a close personal thing that is getting deeper and closer.

My parents supervised me almost constantly when I was very young. They fed me, helped me get dressed and provided for all of my needs. As I grew I learned how to provide for myself. I found out that I had a will to please or not please them. There were consequences when my will did not reflect wisdom. Their goal was for me to have wisdom to willingly live the way they did. That is why Jesus died. He restored our relationship with the Father.There was a huge gap. He filled it. Loving relationships are so important.

God never fails to have new ideas for me.He gives me dreams,visions and insight. He is closer than a brother or sister and is comfortable with the intricacies of my personality. He made me like I am. My obedience to Him is no longer my primary focus. My love for Him is. A lot of people,even Christians, will not like me saying that. The Bible says obedience is better than sacrifice.It also says the greatest thing is love. I love Him.

He looks at our will as valuable. He won't ever violate it. He makes us free agents to choose what we chose. I am a lover and willing co-laborer with Him. My freedom is lost when I use it for something other than loving God and loving others the way He loves them. He is freedom to me. I must love others as I love myself and not make a big show of it like it is a one time deal.It must be ongoing and real.

We all love our skin. We don't want to be hurt. Well, knowing that, we know to love and not cause harm.That is an act of true freedom.

My true desire is to live freely, animated and motivated by the Holy Spirit of God. It is so cool to have the Spirit of God living in me. I can feel Him. He moves me and tells me things. He is alive in me. There is a root of sinful self-interest in me that will always be at odds with the free spirit. The free spirit is at odds and totally incompatible with selfishness. These two ways are antithetical. I can not live one way one day and another way on another day just because of how I feel on a particular day. That is why I chose to live and be led by the Spirit of God. I do that and escape erratic compulsions of a law-dominated existence.

I know what living a life of trying to get my own way will give me. I've walked that road. The Message says it better than I could ever say it: repetitive,loveless, cheap sex; a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage; frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness:trinket gods and magic-show religion; paranoid loneliness; cutthroat competition; all-consuming-yet-never-satisfying-wants; a brutal temper;an impotence to love or be loved;divided home and divided lives;small-minded and lopsided pursuits; the vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival; uncontrolled and uncontrollable addictions;ugly parodies of community...I could go on. These are all what can happen with misused freedom.The religious wars are a good example of misused freedom.God gets the blame for those wars. It was all freedom used in the wrong way.

How do I know if I using this freedom correctly and am living the way God intended? I will have fruit of the Spirit. This fruit appears the same way it does in an orchard.It will grow and be nourishing.
1-love-affection for others
2-joy-an exuberance about life
4-longsuffering-willingness to stick with things
5-kindness-a sense of compassion in the heart
6-goodness-a basic conviction that holiness
permeates things and people.
7-faithfulness-loyal commitment
8-gentleness-not needing to force our way in life
9-self-control-able to marshal and direct our
energies wisely.

Legalism is hopelessy helpless in bringing about these fruits. It is easy to hold onto an idea in my head or to have a sentiment in my heart and not have the fruits prospering my life. We should not compare ourselves with others. We are originals and God has so many things to do with each of us. We waste time comparing what this one or that one is or is not doing or how they look. God has a plan for me. I want to find out what it is. My aim is to be pleasing to Him. I don't want to hurt or slow someone else down. I just want to live and love and please Him.I want to be His friend and am glad He is mine.


My plan for the New Year is to take my everyday life--my eating, sleeping, going-to-work and all parts of my life--and place it before God as an offering. The best thing I can do for God is to embrace what He does for me. That would mean being a living sacrifice.

My life-habits are self-adjusted and probably don't come forth as an offering. They are self-serving, on the most part. I decide to "be good" and start eating healthy. Then I decide to take a break. I don't take a break. I take a jump off the wagon into my own chocolate heaven. I am tired of it. I want balance. I want to really be a living offering. I am doing the opposite.

What to do? I am asking God to help me fix/root myself,my affections, my heart desires even more on Him. He will be faithful because He is always faithful. He will change me from the inside out.My heart has to be willing to let Him do it.

It is inside stuff that messes up my thinking. What I think in my mind filters into my behavior. I mentally bargain with myself and find a way to make it right. It may be wrong, but I make it feel and seem right.

Drug addicts maneuver life like that so they keep feeling right. They find someone else or some tragic event that they dictate as the reason to blame. It is scapegoat mentality.I think I am addicted to sweets. I crave them. The more I eat, the more I want. Not good.

The only way to accurately understand myself is by what God is and by what He does for me. Not by what I am or what I do for Him.

This perspective can be symbolized with parts in our body. Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole. It is not the other way around. It is all about me finding my meaning and purpose in Him. That is it.

God created my body as more than a tent to live in. It is an instrument. I can use this body to recognize His presence and discern things in the Kingdom realm. I have the choice to live an unhealthy lifestyle. The outcome of my decision can end up being detrimental. My body instrument would be dysfuctional, out of tune, and useless if I make the wrong choices. In 2 Corinthians 6:12 Paul says that we are not restricted by others but by the smallness in our own lives. My life is not small. I am just living it that way.

I believe that God loves the human body. Jesus came and lived in a body, healed physical bodies,was resurrected with a body and calls those who live for Him as His Body. God paid the highest price to redeem us. I need to start living that.

My question to myself is how I can glorify God with my body? God help me truly understand this and be transformed so I am a tuned up, fluent and a beautifully working instrument. This is very exciting. Time to get on with it and accept His help!
Hubby & I are great supporters of the spiritual insight and walk of Bill Johnson. He is the senior pastor for Bethel Church in Redding, California. He has so many wonderful books. He says things in a way that I've never heard or thought of before. His books are transforming me in so many ways.

There is "proof in the pudding" at Bethel Church and many other places in this world. They have had many many supernatural healings.Over 700 documented cases of people were raised from the dead around the world in 2010! People with missing digits have had them regenerate before your eyes. Blind and deaf are restored.People born with disabilities were healed and can walk, talk, see, hear. God is amazing and He heals. He really does. There seems to be more healings when people of faith are present pray. Doors may need to open and others to close.

I have been working on THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF A TRANSFORMED MIND by Bill for a while. It's meant to be a 40 day devotional. It is sooooo deep that it takes me a week to do what should be one day of lessons. I don't want to rush it. The meat of it needs to sink in and stick to my bones.

One of the educators at Boeing recommends that you that you take notes. Then reread the notes within 18 hours. You will retain 80% of what you heard. Marvelous! I take notes but have not been rereading them in 18 hours. I've changed that practice!

In one segment of the book, Bill talks about worry/fear. "Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?" Mark 4:40 In these words Jesus is asking the disciples what was in their thought life. What did they focus on? They were worried that they did not pack a lunch. Jesus had multiplied food for them twice. Seems dense for them to worry when they not only saw the multiplication but also ate the food.

Heidi Baker is the woman I want to be like more than anyone I can think of. She tells that this supernatural multiplication of food and provisions often happens in Africa when they have hundreds to feed and only one small bowl of food.

One lady brought one small pot of rice.That is all that she had to share. Heidi was so happy. This woman thought Heidi was crazy when she prayed over it. The lady changed her tune when the pot was never empty. It multiplied big time! They had lots of food left when everyone was so full that they could not eat another bite.

Heidi never asks for contributions of money or provisions.You will never get a letter asking for money. God sends it. She has over 10,000 churches and thousands and thousands of orphans. God told her to focus on the one and to never turn one down. God is so awesome!

I would like to go work with her for about three months. We will see...

I've been guilty of unbelief at times. Yet,I've seen miracles and many things. I guess it is my human condition that hinders my faith at times. I have to shake myself and remind myself of what I have seen myself. Many many awesome things have been transferred to me in hospice work. I have seen a 42 year old woman raised from her deathbed. When she rose she was totally healed of cancer that had been in her brain, breast and bones. I was there. She said she heard my voice praying. Did I feel like my faith was monumental? No. I had faith God could do it.To be honest, I thought I had His plan figured out. I truly thought He was taking her. She was gone. The wisdom God has is that He makes the decision. We don't. I had put the outcome in His hands but thought I knew the end of the story before he finished it.

She said she heard me praying for all to be well in Jesus Name.It was not a very long drawn out prayer. I do remember that my heart was breaking and I cried. She had just been reunited with a son she had adopted out at birth.He was so lost and needed her. He needed God, too.

Her journal had weeks and weeks of praying for mercy to be healed. She wanted to help her son. God honored her prayers.

She told me that she heard Jesus tell her to go back. She was standing in a long line. She woke in her hospital bed and was hungry. Tests could not find any cancer. This was in a Tacoma, Wa hospital, not in some 3rd world nation where faith abounds. God truly heals. I have to remind myself that it is His great pleasure to do good things and not to let worry settle in.

The only way my thought life gets settled is to settle my thoughts on Christ. He is a healing balm that settles and calms me. He is like a gentle washing stream that flushes out the worry.He is so clean and fresh that He smells good. Really good.

Meditation fills my heart with God. The meditation of eastern religions tells you to empty the mind. I know what is coming into my brain. It is truth and love.What are you meditating on?

Worry is deceptive. If you entertain it too long, it worms its way in as a friend. You feel it is a comfort. Bill Johnson says that if you pray your worries these things happen: 1-pray out of fear or worry 2-eventually quit praying 3-start looking for sympathy. What happened? We can trust worry/fear and it will win the affections and attention of our heart.

If you set your mind on natural things you limit the supernatural.You can not be effective and have the favor/focus of the Kingdom. Fill your mind, soul and spirit when you meditate. Be in a quiet comfortable place so that you can listen. There is a time to talk out loud. There is a time to listen. Hear His voice and let Him speak to you. He will. I promise.

What kind of nut are you?

Scientists in Chicago at the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation conducted a study on nuts. They found that the variety of nut that you prefer may reveal what kind of individual that you are.
I don't take this study too seriously, but it is fun anyway. The good thing is,that although high in calories,any of these nuts are nutritional winners.
So, what kind of nut are you? Any of you "nuts" are my favorites:-)

SALTED PEANUTS:You are extroverted,charming and crave attention.
ALMONDS: You have high standards,are very motivated and tend to be a perfectionists.
PECANS: You are generous and considerable and a devoted, loyal friend.
CASHEWS: You're dependable and easygoing.
WALNUTS: You're competitive, and easily annoyed when life's inconveniences get in the way.

What kind of nut are you?

My agility instructors don't spoonfeed...

I've been thinking a lot about people and animals that have enriched my life.Today I am thinking about my two agility instructors. They are my mentors. What is a mentor? It is someone you feel is wise and trusting. That is what they are.

Daisy teaches Bless & I on Wednesday night in Competitive Agility.That is what I call Daisy's Hooligan Gang. The current group of us is not altogether the "original" gang. The ones of us who are the originals have joined hearts with new folks and formed the new gang:-) We are all there to soak up, learn and enjoy.We support, celebrate and uplift each other. There is Daisy, Heather Ringwood, Julie Strauss, Karen Beattie Massey, Debbie Rammel,Janice, Donna M and me. We have lots of super fun dogs.

Blynn teaches Joy & I in Foundation Agility.The students are really nice people, too. Lori V and her dog Mo have been in classes with Joy & I from the beginning. We plan for our dogs to be pair partners in our first USDAA show. That will be fun! Boy is Lori a blessing to be around. I love the joy of the Lord that she has. All of the folks in that class are some fine folks! This class will flex with different students as they come in as new or graduate out. Three of us are signed up again and there are 3 new ones graduating up to our class. I am praying that Blynn will take a class for us to graduate into. She is not smiling too much when we beg. But who knows???

Neither Daisy or Blynn spoonfeeds except when it is a foundational concept. Some people like being spoonfed all of the time. I don't, but sometimes I need it more than I think. What is spoonfeeding, anyway? Spoonfeeding is teaching information in a way that leaves no room for independent thoughts or action. With foundation work I have to hold my tongue and questions. It is difficult to be patient with the learning process. The most difficult part for me is AFTER I receive the instruction. It is hard for me to stick with the training step by step.I have drummed in instinct from years as a NICU nurse to change something when you don't get quick results. As we all know, most things are not quick. Time take time.

Maybe this will explain why I feel compelled to change things without waiting long enough for them to work:

My first night to work as a 22 yr old graduate nurse was in the role of a Charge Nurse in a big hospital in Jackson, Mississippi.I had not even received my score or my license. Luckily, I scored really really well and did get my license. Back then they let you work before you got your scores if you had completed your RN credits and graduated from college. So here I was at my new job. So full of expectations and my heart in my hands. I just wanted to make a difference in the world. There were ventilator babies, a full preemie nursery, a newborn nursery and high risk deliveries. I was the only RN on that night shift. I had never seen a ventilator. The nurse on the evening shift was a new graduate nurse, too. She taught me what they had taught her at the beginning of her shift. I was so young and sure of myself that I just took the role and ran with it. In the first week I had tapped a babies chest while the doc talked me through it on the phone. It saved the babies life. I am glad I did it, but am mortified to think that was the way it was back then. You learned to get on with it and be ready to change anything at anytime.

You also learn that sometimes things come to you that are so damaged that you can not change them. One night I got a transport of twins on ventilators flown in from a podunk hospital in the middle of a terrible storm. Both of them were so septic that their skin was literally peeling and cracking open. They were too far gone to save them. Both of them crashed. I called the night supervisor and she came up to the unit but refused to come in there with me. She was shell-shocked.The babies were crashing before our eyes. Ventilator and cardic monitor alarms, blue babies crashing babies. Lines of IV's all over the place. It was a zoo. I told her which drugs to pull up from the crash cart and how much of each med to draw up. I dosed both of the babies and resuscitated them myself until they located someone at home to come give me a hand. No gloves, lots of blood, etc. We did not wear gloves back then that much. We felt like it was a barrier from touch, love, skin. They finally located the NICU day supervisor.She came in. We lost both of the sweet babes. That night was a critical point in our lives, but we did not know it then. It almost caused both of us nurses to lose our lives, too.

She came down with hepatitis and was very ill. I thought I was fine. A week after that, I developed fever and felt ill. I took one night off. I was the bread winner as I was putting my husband through premed and we had April.We lived on Milsaps College campus in an old Antebellum mansion that was divided up into 4 apartments. A few days after that we went back to Meridian for Easter holdiay. Meridian is 95 miles south of Jackson, Mississippi. I had worked all night so I laid in the back seat and slept. When I woke up I had a bloody nose & had bruises all over my legs. It kept getting worse. I told hubby I was not going to the hospital so he took me to his moms house. I took a nap and was really bleeding by then from every oriface and was bruised badly. He took me to the ER. I had ITP which is an ideopathic(unknown cause)thrombocytopenia purpura which means your blood is not clotting because your platelets are not clumping. They thought I had leukemia so they tapped my sternum. I was wide awake. I remember hearing and feeling the big bore needle puncture my sternum.It pops as it penetrates. They sit you upright to get a good tap. I watched. I always watch. It was kind of gross seeing your own bone marrow being aspirated.

I did not have leukemia. I found out later that a great grandfather had died of leukemia. Glad I did not know before the test! So they put me on high dose steroids & was on bed rest until my platlets were normal again. Boy steriods pump you up when you are suppose to be laying low. My body responded quickly only after people began to pray. The doc said if I would have mildly bumped my head or been in a car accident I would have surely died. The oncologist said I was the only one he had seen with platelets of 6,000 that responded so quickly. He said it had to be a miracle from God. It was. That is when my faith in God was really birthed.

The morning before we left to go home for Meridian was odd. I got off work before there were any symptoms There was a new nurse I was training. She and I were walking outside to our cars. We had talked about God all night.That was not usual for me. I remember watching her walk away and thought really calmly that I will not see her again. That is when I ran across the street and hugged her good. I guess I was getting that nudge that something was up with me. I was not afraid. I did not even think that it might be a good time to get serious about the most important things in life. Wake up! I knew of God. I thought "god" was just something to comfort people. A concept. I quickly learned how real He is and that I needed salvation. It was all so simple. I did believe and became a born again Christian. I laid down my life and put myself into His hands. Life has never been the same.

Back to agility. So I've had to change my 26 year NICU mental mode of operation: Be proactive, change focus,change meds,change position, ,change ventilator settings, increase or decrease level of care & feedings, continuous parental support/education, and delegation of employees to get the job done.If you don't do it quick enough someone suffers and the baby may die. 10 yrs of Hospice has helped me calm a bit, but not in some ways.We are like a tube of toothpaste. When we are squeezed, what is in there comes out. Many times the primary learning is primary when I don't want it to be that way anymore.

Both of my trainers do a lot of mentoring and encouraging.I need that.I can not tell you how special they are to me. They are precious treasures. I know God put them in my life. I prayed for a long time for Daisy to be moved up here. And here she is. I also love the way these ladies give you a challenge and ask how you will solve it.They stretch my brain but don't mind sharing their brain with me either. Good good suff!

Daisy has multiple nested courses for us to walk, strategize and run at each class. We never know what that woman has up her sleeve! Many times as we are walking or after we have walked she gives us handler restrictions.Sometimes she does that after you have walked and have a plan. I have learned with her to have more than one way of looking at things. When she does the switeroo with handler restrictions it can throw a clink in the machine after I have decided to do it another way. So I have to figure out multiple ways because the challenge is something that is just a bit farther from my grasp than the last one we had. That is what she does. She stretches us, but is also there to pick us up when we fall on our faces. I learn tremendous amounts of things every week. I love Wednesday nights with all of the students and dogs.They are like family to me. I love each and everyone of them.

Blynn had to spoonfeed us in the beginning as she taught the fundamentals. If you don't have a foundation, you have nothing. She has just begun asking us to perform in sequences. She is so kind and patient. I love Blynn's compassionate nature. When I inevitably have a footwork problem she gets with me like we are line dancing. It is so helpful.I have never really had a teacher like her. The things she is giving right now is something I have needed since I started agility. I am so so thankful for every tidbit she gives me. We never leave not one single night without feeling we were better than we were when we went in there.

It is easy to see how these two classes enrich my life. That is what Daisy and Blynn do for me. I think Bless and Joy will beneft as I grow.Our goal is to keep improving, learning and growing. Eventually,my goal is for both dogs to be in the same class.

I think I will start bringing my flip video and taping the footwork she is teaching so I can practice at home and make it mine. It is not mine and does not feel like me right now. I want it to. I think it will help me have better grounding, balance and speed. I think it will speed up my critical thinking because I will not have to be concentrating on my body so much. After Christmas I am going back to healthy eating, too. It is just too yummy of a time right now & I don't want to worry about it until after Christmas holidays.

Today made me think of Mama Vera

First herding trial for Bless & I in Onalaska at Kerney Creek.Bless, Joy and I followed Mary to the trial. She is great. Such a nice person. We had a lesson last night with her. I knew we were not ready for this trial. My hubby said to listen to my gut instinct next time. There was no need to trial yet or ever if I don't want to.I can just train and train. Who knows.

The people were very nice, the weather fair to middling and the experience...well what do I say? I just think of what Mama Vera would say about it.She'd say that it was about as much fun for me as it is easy for a bucktoothed boy to take a long drink of water.

Bless and I were in the Pro Novice class although it was our first trial. I have never even watched a trial before other than foreign ones in a few videos. I did not know where to be on deck, when to go to the post, that I was suppose to exhaust the sheep after I ran. Too much unknown to do well. We were entered in novice but they extended the trial to two days because it was so full. Novice was moved to Sunday. I did not want to come Sunday. So I entered Pro Novice Non Competition on Saturday. Everyone at the trial was telling me it is for fun, have fun, yada yada yada. Well, it is not fun for me to do something I have never even been able to do well in class, much less in a trial. My trainer is very experienced and handles Bless well, but I can't. My timing for commands may be timely but her response may be a mega second lapsed and that balls it all up. They told me she could come to the post with me but I declined. It was time to sink or swim. I sunk and stunk.

The hair sheep are crazy sheep. Thank goodness the novice handlers get woolies tomorrow. Hair sheep can jump straight up and over a fence. When we exhausted them they jumped into the pen higher than the gate. Just wild critters.

I was pretty calm when Bless and I went to the post. I sent Bless on a long outrun and she went with speed.She looked beautiful. She jumped a creek and hit the bottom of her head on the ground on the landing. I think it discombobulated her a bit. She went to the back of the field where the sheep were but something went wrong. It was so far back there that I could not see what was happening, except that the sheep were going backwards instead of toward me. They went back to their holding gate. She is not used to another dog holding sheep so the other BC and handler back there may have thrown her off. A lot of people said they thought the hard landing is what did it because she took off like a shot on a mission to hit when she was sent to the Come Bye. It looked very good. Those bugger hair sheep -all i can say is holey moley.

They reset the sheep for us. I went across the creek to get a better handle on it . (If I had not entered NC, I would have been excused for leaving the post. Well that was the one good decision that I made about this trial.) I sent Bless to fetch. She fetched the sheep beautifully. When they got to me I decided it was enough. I took her out and they had someone set to exhaust the sheep. Then we exhausted the sheep for the next runner.*Did not know we were suppose to exhaust sheep until we were out of the pasture so we had to go back in. After the exhaust, I just wanted to leave . I never even brought my chair in or sat down. I was on short-timers mode by then.I was there but my brain was on vacation.

I was more frustrated than any feeling that it was fun . I took Joy out for a while. All she was interested in was eating sheep poop but she did look at the sheep running. She did not bark and was very good. Bless is pulling wanting to go back into the sheep when she is out. She loves it and sheep usually like her. She respects them & never grips. She still needs encouragement on driving at times. She likes to fetch them best. Most BC's like to fetch. Driving seems stupid to them.

I've made up my mind. I will not enter any other herding trial until I am able to do more than required for the class. That is final. I don't care if someone tells me it is a good experience. It was not. It was utterly frustrating. Plus, herding trials are so long.Every run was given six minutes! That is a long day. If you only run one or two dogs and they are not close together, ugh. There is no course to speak of to learn. An outrun, bring them through a gate, get them around you and a post and back through another gate and then pen them. It is very difficult but you can not really plan where you want the dog like you can in agility because there are a million variables. The sheep are the million variables. When I know how to handle my dog, I can handle herding.Herding is the most difficult thing I have ever done. I can resuscitate babies, stick needles in chests and poke tubes up genitalia, but herding, ugh, it is so hard for me.

After a while I went home. I could not find Mary so I sent her a text telling her I was heading out. She probably wondered "wha?" but I was done. Finished with a capital F.

Kip is not doing well. His rear end is very weak almost nonfunctional on one side. I think he had a stroke on Thursday when he was with the other dogs in the field. I had my computer in the barn documenting. It was nice so I wanted the dogs to be able to run.They need supervision and will not stay in the barn if I am not there with them. They will find a way to escape.It was nice for all of us on Thursday.

I was just thinking how blessed it was to have him so strong and able to jump and run. One minute he was jumping and running, even did weave poles on his own-his fav. Then he was on the ground. He regained strength on one side but not on the other. I have to carry him up the stairs to go to bed. He does not want to be left downstairs. He is not in pain. He is eating good. As long as it is like that, all is well. He is deaf and only occasionally incontinent. Just an old guy that is wearing out. He is such a sweet old man. It makes me so sad.


Goal for USDAA show today was to stay connected to Blessing. I did not bring my chair into the show. If I was in the building, I was walking with her. If I could not focus on her, she was in the car. She got 100% of my attention. We tugged before each run. I was really watching her tug and not watching who was running. She was on my mind.

We have discontinued using food as a pre-run ritual. We use food when we are training a new skill. We also use it after the run when we get back to the car. We energetically tug now. That's what I did with my other dogs. Kipper boy would spit out food if he had to choose between tugging or food. Dolly would have snarfed the food in one gulp. Then she would begin tugging with all of her might. That is a Staffy for you.The're wonderful opportunists:-) Tugging seems to relieve stress in Blessing and in me. It seems to get her blood up a bit and she is more keen, too.

The most important connection point today was entering into the ring and setting her up. That is when we usually have loss of connectivity. Signs of disconnect: sniffing, staring, yawning, and hesitant to enter the ring. The really big red flag usually happens when I have not nurtured the situation before we went into the ring. BIG RED FlAG: when she is slow to sit on the start line and gives out a tiny a woof.She acts like she is frozen and it is hard to sit. I know at that point that this will escalate into full blown barking at someone in the ring. It's like her spring has sprung. Not sure how to explain it other than that.

My plan at this show, incorporated being proactive so that this disconnect did not happen. None of it.I was able to do a fair to good job on it.In the standard run she raised her front legs briefly on the table and emitted a soft woof. I got down close to her and said no bark.She laid down and refocused. She ran the whole run beautifully. She has woofed before on the table when the judge is looking at her. Other times she does not pay much attention to them at all. A few weeks ago she did not seem bothered at all by a male judge who was standing close to the table counting. She did take an off course just after that so it may have bothered her more than I thought. I need to stay connected to her!

She was slow to sit on the start line on the last run. There was also a tiny woof. I rubbed her head and looked at her face. I told her softly no bark when she woofed.Her eyes came alive and she was really looking at me. She sprang off of the start line so fast that it took me by surprise! She was moving so fast that I could not even get into pocket of jumps. My body motion behind a layered jump told her where to go and it worked. She was on fire McGuire!!!No other barking or disruptive behavior. Whew! That was a reward to me for trying to be a proactive handler!

I was very pleased with both of us today. It was nice breakthrough. It's a relief to find a way to help her relax. We have shown so sporadically in USDAA that I did not realize we had finished her AD title until I was entering her Standard run in her record book. Wow. We had extra runs in all of the games. Glad I did not know we needed this one run to finish. It was all icing on the cake.